R.E.M. | Hyena (remastered)


Throwback Thursday is here again and today I am bringing back R.E.M. with Hyena. How many people out there grew up listening to R.E.M.? I have fond memories of dancing around the living room (and on the coffee table) to their albums with my little brother. That’s back when jumping jacks were an acceptable form of dance. What are some of the bands you grew up with and still love today?

Wanted | Domaine Ste. Michelle inspired cocktails by Style Me Pretty

Wanted | Domaine Ste. Michelle inspired cocktails by Style Me Pretty

I was so excited to see Style Me Pretty feature one of my favorite local wineries on their site today. While Chateau Ste. Michelle is widely distributed, their wines are always distinctly Washington and their line-up of sparkling wines is … Continue reading

Glass Animals Debut Album | ZABA


One of the most interesting bands I’ve heard in a long while released their debut album, ZABA, yesterday. While Glass Animals share similarities with Alt-J, they have a sound that is truly unique to them. ZABA features many wonderful melodies, well-thought lyrics, great harmonies, and intricate percussion. For a great review, check out Eyes and Ears and take a listen to (most of) the album above!

Seattle Symphony’s “Sonic Evolution” feat. Sir Mix-A-Lot

The Seattle Symphony was busy this weekend. Between two performances of Ravel’s Daphnis et Chloe (which I performed in with the Seattle Symphony Chorale), they managed a concert on Friday night as part of their Sonic Evolution series, this time featuring local hip hop artist Sir Mix-A-Lot. There are almost no similarities between Ravel and Sir Mix-A-Lot, so I’m not sure how the members of the symphony kept their heads on straight!

My favorite part of the whole thing is watching maestro Ludovic Morlot conduct this. I can honestly say, this is something I had never imagined to see happening in Benaroya Hall, but props to these fantastic musicians for making it happen!

Friday Thoughts 6.6.2014

Where to start with this post… Yes, the weekend is certainly upon us, which is wonderful and exciting as usual; however, I can’t help but feel all the excitement is marred by the recent tragedy at Seattle Pacific University. It’s not often we think a shooting will happen close to home, although in the back of our minds we know it’s always an unfortunate possibility. I am saddened to know that one person has lost their life and many are left injured after a senseless act. I am saddened to see people on social media arguing about why this happened and perpetuating hatred at one another because we all think we know what we, the community, the government needs to do to stop this from happening again.

My heart goes out to the friends and families of those affected by the shooting at SPU, UCSB, Sandy Hook elementary, Virginia Tech, Columbine, etc. This is a weekend to hug your family and friends. Be so appreciative of them being here, on this earth, with you. Be kind to people you don’t know. Help people you can see are struggling. Be there for one another.

In the words of Richard Martinez, “Not. One. More.”